Corporate Internal Investigations:  Executives, directors, board committees, and organizations retain us to conduct or represent them in internal investigations.

Securities-Related Defense:  We represent individuals and companies in investigations by the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, and other regulatory bodies involving claims such as accounting irregularities, internal controls deficiencies, and abusive trading.

Corporate Governance and Compliance:  We advise directors on their legal obligations as board and board-committee members.  We advise companies and boards on structural issues, such as committee composition or the optimal roles of board members.  We assist companies’ legal and compliance teams with risk diagnostics and implementation of compliance programs.

White Collar Criminal Defense:  Individuals and companies engage us to defend them in federal grand jury investigations and trials.  We have extensive experience investigating, prosecuting, and defending against a wide range of allegations and charges, including: investment fraud, price fixing, healthcare and insurance fraud, tax evasion, intellectual property theft, food and drug safety, and political corruption.

Civil Litigation and Arbitration:  We handle complex commercial disputes for individuals and businesses asserting claims or defending against them.

Crisis Management:  Organizations and executives contending with corporate crises retain us to help them develop communication strategies and remedial plans and to coordinate interactions among the companies’ response teams, outside professionals, and government representatives.

Appeals:  We brief and argue criminal and civil cases in federal and state appellate courts.

Dispute Resolution Services:  We find creative and effective ways to help parties reach settlements of lawsuits.  We can assist in resolving entire cases, narrowing disputed legal or factual issues, or simplifying complex damages issues.

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